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Generate a new API Token

Generate an API Token for a project to be used to authenticate requests within the project.

Path Parameters
AccountSid uuid REQUIRED

The unique identifier for the project you want to use to authenticate this request.

Request Body REQUIRED
name string REQUIRED

The name representing the project API token.

permissions string[] REQUIRED

The permissions you would like to enable for this project API token. Valid permissions are calling, chat, fax, management, messaging, numbers, pubsub, storage, tasking, and video

subproject_id string

The unique identifier of the subproject you would like to create a token for. The subproject passed must be a child of the project used to authenticate the request.



id string OPTIONAL

The ID of the created API Token.

name string OPTIONAL

The name of the created API Token.

permissions string[] OPTIONAL

The permissions enabled for this token.

token string OPTIONAL

The API token that can be used along with the project ID for basic authentication


Unprocessable Entity. You may have specified invalid parameters.

type string
code string
message string
attribute string OPTIONAL
url uri