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Recording Transcriptions

Recording transcriptions are the transcribed texts that were generated from voice call recordings. Transcriptions are audio files that were converted into readable text.


account_sidstringThe unique identifier for the account that created this transcription.
date_createddatetimeThe date, in RFC 2822 GMT format, this transcription was created.
date_updateddatetimeThe date, in RFC 2822 GMT format, this transcription was updated.
durationstringThe time, in seconds, of the transcribed audio.
priceintegerThe charge for the transcription.
price_unitstringThe currency, in ISO 4127 format, for the price of the transcription.
recording_sidstringThe unique identifier for the recording that this transcription was created from.
sidstringThe unique identifier for the transcription.
statusstringThe status of the transcription. Possible values are in-progress, completed, or failed.
transcription_textstringThe text content of a transcription.
uristringThe URI of the transcription.

A sample recording transcription returned from the API:

"account_sid": "b3877c40-da60-4998-90ad-b792e98472ac",
"api_version": "2010-04-01",
"date_created": "Thur, 27 Sept 2018 02:00:00 +0000",
"date_updated": "Fri, 28 Sept 2018 03:00:00 +0000",
"duration": "1",
"price": -0.00025,
"price_unit": "USD",
"recording_sid": "b3877c40-da60-4998-90ad-b792e98472re",
"sid": "b3877c40-da60-4998-90ad-b792e98472tr",
"status": "failed",
"transcription_text": "(blank)",
"type": "fast",
"uri": "/api/laml/2010-04-01/Accounts/b3877c40-da60-4998-90ad-b792e98472ac/Transcriptions/b3877c40-da60-4998-90ad-b792e98472tr.json"