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SignalWire's REST API allows you to manage and modify calls and messages made to or from your SignalWire phone numbers. You also have the ability to retrieve and update your account information, retrieve your entire history of calls, messages, transcriptions, media and more.

This can all be achieved by sending HTTP requests to the SignalWire REST API.

Postman Collection

Base URL

Each space on SignalWire gets its own subdomain and each space will have its own URLs for accessing the REST API.

All calls in the provided examples use the following as the base URL:

However, please note that the actual base URL you will use will differ for each space, since it will be customized to include your unique space name. For your own custom URL, replace "example" with your unique subdomain.

AccountSid vs ProjectID

To support seamless migration and compatibility with other popular providers, the SignalWire Compatibility API often refers to the AccountSid. The AccountSid is a unique identifier on other providers. On SignalWire, this is known as the Project ID.

Each project within your space gets its own, unique Project ID and this is used to authenticate requests on the API. This will be the same value as your Project ID but is set as AccountSid for compatibility.

On SignalWire's API, the AccountSid and Project ID are the same thing.