How to Request an Increase to Your SignalWire Space limits

Use this process to request an increase to a spaces Daily Top-up, Projects per space, DIDs per Project, Verified IDs per Project, Call backlog, or Message backlog

When a SignalWire space has reached the default limits placed on each account, SignalWire Support is able to increase them on a case-by-case basis per our customers' needs.


Trial Mode vs Regular Customer

Please note that these limits apply to SignalWire Spaces out of Trial mode. For more information regarding trial mode limitations, please refer to our resource on Trial Mode

You can find the Default Limits below:

  • Projects Allowed: 10
  • Phone Numbers per Project: 200
  • Verified IDs per Project: 5000
  • Call Backlog: 3600
  • Message Backlog: 3600

Please navigate to the SignalWire Space Increase Request Form and submit the required form and necessary documentation to start the account verification process. When submitted, SignalWire’s Space Compliance team will review the submitted information and documents to approve or deny the request. They will then notify the submitting user of the results or request additional information to approve.

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