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What is RELAY?

RELAY is the next generation of interactive communication APIs available at SignalWire. It is a new, real-time web service protocol that provides for persistent, asynchronous connections to the SignalWire network.

Most providers use REST APIs that rely on one-way communication. This adds latency and limits interactivity of real-time events. SignalWire's RELAY APIs use WebSocket technology, which allow for simultaneous, bi-directional data transmission. Using RELAY, you can deploy reliable, low latency, real-time communications.

RELAY allows for interactive and advanced command and control. Complete control will enable easy transfers and injections across all endpoints, making it easier and quicker to build applications. RELAY integrates easily with your products and infrastructure, enabling simple but powerful applications using Artificial Intelligence tools, data exchange, serverless technologies and more.

Finally, RELAY enables communications tools to perform in the most popular and widely used environments, like web browsers, mobile devices, in the cloud, or within your own infrastructure.