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Understanding Alpha and Beta Releases

What are Alpha and Beta Releases?

As part of our development and release process, we often release software in stages. These stages are referred to as alpha and beta releases. It's important to understand what these terms mean and how they affect you as a user.

Alpha Releases ALPHA

An alpha release is our first phase of testing. Here's what you need to know about alpha releases:

  • Ready to Test but Feature Incomplete: Alpha versions are stable enough for testing, but they do not include all the features that will be in the final release.
  • Known Bugs: There will be bugs, some of which we already know about. However, your feedback is crucial for identifying new issues.
  • Prioritized Input: As an early access customer using alpha releases, your input is highly valued. Your feedback helps shape the final product, and we prioritize your suggestions and bug reports.

Beta Releases BETA

A beta release is the next stage in our release process. Here's what to expect:

  • Ready to Test and Feature Complete: Beta versions include all intended features and are ready for comprehensive testing.
  • Known and Unknown Bugs: While beta versions are more stable than alpha versions, they still contain bugs. We rely on your feedback to find and fix these issues.
  • Prioritized Support: Customers using beta releases will receive prioritized support when reporting bugs. Your feedback helps us ensure the final product is as robust as possible.

Why Participate in Alpha and Beta Testing?

Participating in alpha and beta testing allows you to:

  • Get Early Access: Be the first to try out new features and improvements.
  • Shape the Product: Your feedback directly influences the development and refinement of our software.
  • Improve Stability: Help us identify and fix bugs before the general release, ensuring a smoother experience for all users.

How We Handle Bugs

Regardless of whether you're using an alpha or beta release, we are committed to addressing bugs promptly. Here's our process:

  1. Identification: We track all reported bugs and prioritize them based on severity and impact.
  2. Remediation: We allocate resources to fix bugs in a timely manner.
  3. Communication: We keep you informed about the status of your reported issues and provide updates as they are resolved.

How to Provide Feedback

If you encounter a bug or have suggestions for improvement, please report them to our support team. You can reach us via email at or by submitting a ticket through our support portal.

Your participation in our alpha and beta testing programs is invaluable. We appreciate your willingness to help us improve and look forward to your feedback.

Thank you for being a part of our development process!