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Test Messaging with Platform Free Trial

Platform Free Trial (PFT) provides a way to test SignalWire's messaging APIs before registering Brands or Campaigns with The Campaign Registry. There is no set length of your trial, so you can take your time experimenting with Messaging. The only cost to you is standard message rates and carrier fees. It is simple to set up, but, as a trial, it does have restrictions. Let's go over the details.

Enabling Platform Free Trial

For users who are completely new to SignalWire, enabling Platform Free Trial is mostly automated with required onboarding information. One of the onboarding steps is to verify a mobile phone number. This is the one and only number that will be able to receive test messages.

Existing users who have not already registered with The Campaign Registry will find a prompt in their Messaging Campaigns Space to enable Platform Free Trial by verifying a new phone number.

The Messaging Campaigns home screen will prompt you to verify a phone number.

A previously verified phone number will not be automatically enabled for PFT. If you would like to enable PFT test messaging with a previously verified number, remove the number and re-verify it to trigger PFT set-up.

You will see an icon in your verified Caller ID list marking which number is enabled for test messaging.

Verified Caller ID list.

The second step to enabling Platform Free Trial is to purchase a SignalWire phone number. For new users, the first number you purchase will be PFT enabled. For existing users with previously purchased phone numbers, SignalWire will assign one of your numbers to be PFT enabled as soon as you have verified a mobile number. This number is usually the most recently purchased.

When you have a verified mobile number and an active SignalWire number in your account, you will see a notice in your Messaging Campaigns Space that you can now send test messages.

The Messaging Campaigns home screen will display which numbers are PFT enabled.

For more on how to get started with sending SMS, see our guide Sending Your First SMS.

Trial Restrictions

Test messages with Platform Free Trial may only be sent from the assigned SignalWire phone number to the assigned verified mobile number. No other messaging traffic will be possible without registering a Campaign with The Campaign Registry.

There is a limit of 200 messages per day.

SMS integrations with LaML, SWML and Call Flow Builder will not work with Platform Free Trial.

Each message is prepended with [SignalWire Free Trial].

PFT is a single-use trial

Releasing or removing either your PFT-enabled SignalWire phone number or verified caller ID number will end the free trial. You will not be able to re-enable the trial by adding a new phone number. You would be unable to send any further messages until registering a Campaign with The Campaign Registry.