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FreeSWITCH 1.10.x Release notes

List of releases:

Breaking changes

  • 1.8 -> 1.10.0: pgqsql moved out from FreeSWITCH core to its own module, mod_pgsql .
    See 1.10.0 (Release date: 05 August 2019) at the bottom.
  • 1.10.3 -> 1.10.4: SpanDSP and sofia-sip have been removed.
    See 1.10.4 (Release date: 05 Aug 2020)​ below.
  • 1.10.6 -> 1.10.7: Default behaviour change: to not skip announcement type apps on recovery, not hangup call on SRTP errors, 1000 maximum receiving requests per second, auth-messages and auth-subscriptions are enabled by default now, freeswitch.log log line prefix modified: will affect fail2ban log line matching until similarly modified in fail2ban (
    See 1.10.7 (Release date: 24 Oct 2021)​ below.

1.10.9 (Release date: 03 Feb 2023)

This is the minor release containing important bugfixes and stability improvements.

1.10.8 (Release date: 14 Oct 2022)

This is the minor release containing important bugfixes and stability improvements.

1.10.7 (Release date: 24 Oct 2021)

This is a major release with more than 300 changes containing fixes for 5 security advisories adding support for Debian 11, mod_python3 and a lot of bugfixes. Debian 8 support has been dropped. Freetdm has been moved out of tree.

1.10.6 (Release date: 25 Mar 2021)

This is the major bug fix release containing important stability improvements. We encourage all users to upgrade to v1.10.6 whenever possible.

1.10.5 (Release date: 18 Aug 2020)

This is a minor bug fix release.

1.10.4 (Release date: 05 Aug 2020)

This is a major release containing not only new features and stability improving bug fixes, but also changes to the build system to make contributing to FreeSWITCH and its modules easier for the community!

REMOVED: SpanDSP and sofia-sip

Sofia-sip and SpanDSP dependencies have been removed but you can find source files on this links:

Packages for Sofia-sip and SpandDSP are available for all supported platforms from our packaging repos.

You might have to visit each directory, run ./ then ./configure then make install

1.10.3 (Release date: 11 May 2020)

This is a major bugfix release. As part of our continuing dedication to code quality we have resolved static analysis bugs in all of FreeSWITCH core and in most modules. And not just that. We got huge improvements in change inspections by focusing on the testing framework - our code quality tooling that already helping us fixing leaks, codecs, database logic issues, behavior instabilities and making dependency updates easier. Almost three hundred changes covering the entire codebase contain fixes for memory errors, potential crashes and misbehaviours.

1.10.2 (Release date: 31 December 2019)

This is the minor bug fix release including stability in the Core, memory management and improvements related to the unit-tests.

1.10.1 (Release date: 20 August 2019)

Thank you to our community for all of your feedback, we have been working hard to incorporate it into this release. We focused on database improvements as we made the transition from 1.8 to 1.10, and your recent feedback has helped us to fix a few issues. We've also fixed some behavior issues with MySQL (via mod_mariadb) as well as a minor update to deal with a regression caused by the new database interface.

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1.10.0 (Release date: 05 August 2019)

Debian Buster, Raspberry PI, CentOS, Database Module Interface, MySQL (mod_mariadb) FS-11727 -Authenticate to see issue details , JavaScript (mod_v8) Process Monitor FS-11194 -Authenticate to see issue details support, updated sounds and much more!

MOVED: pgsql removed from to core to its own module (mod_pgsql)

Native PostgreSQL (pgsql) was removed from the FreeSWITCH Core into its own module (mod_pqsql)! Please read carefully: FS-11880 -Authenticate to see issue details

The gist: You MUST NOT load mod_pgsql in modules.conf.xml , but in pre_load_modules.conf.xml , an additional XML file, also in conf/autoload_configs/ directory.


<configuration name="pre_load_modules.conf" description="Modules">
<!-- Databases -->
<!-- <load module="mod_mariadb"/> -->
<load module="mod_pgsql"/>

For more context, see this Stackoverflow thread.

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Older releases

See FreeSWITCH 1.8.x Release notes.