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Phone Bugs


This is the proverbial Hall of Shame for phone vendors. Know bugs can be listed here. At the very least we can collect documentation of known bugs. Feel free to add stuff for phones you know about.

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We'll clean this up later, but for now I wanted to capture it for posterity's sake.

anthm: anyway I did do several patches on rtp stack lately all for the better but that duration bug is the one thing that really stands out if you like vintage release
[3:34pm] anthm: polycom likes to fuck up on sdp related things
[3:35pm] anthm: its like their weakness, like some guy has one where he puts the call on hold and resumes and the same sdp code from outgoing invite executes and it offers all the codecs again which FS properly will deal with, but alas they are full of shit and really expect the codec to stay the same
[3:36pm] Moc: haha that suck
[3:36pm] anthm: yet the misgenerated sdp suggests they want to change the codec to a new one
[3:36pm] anthm: so we say ok fine, and they start ignoring it
[3:36pm] pvicentini left the chat room.
[3:36pm] Moc: we should make fs auto email polycom support
[3:36pm] anthm: they also fricking choose a new payload number for dynamic codecs other than the one offered (or they have it hard coded)
[3:37pm] anthm: and wait there's more
[3:37pm] anthm: if you omit the a= entries in the sdp
[3:37pm] FLEB left the chat room.
[3:37pm] anthm: they get completely confused if you have certain codecs chosen
[3:38pm] anthm: despite the RFC clearly saying you don't need a= for anything that is in the standard space
[3:38pm] Moc: those sound pretty basic stuff to fix for polycom
[3:38pm] anthm: and yet, they are the best phone that exists
[3:38pm] anthm: yah its a matter of them believing its real
[3:39pm] Moc: I wish there were something equivalent to polycom out there
[3:39pm] mercutioviz: Moc: from a technical standpoint, yes, but they have a bureaucracy that would make US Congress jealous
[3:39pm] anthm: or applying it to a release cycle this decade
[3:39pm] Moc: it took 2 release to remove 1 caractere in the french language pack xml
[3:39pm] Moc: so I kinda understand'
[3:39pm] anthm: I wish I could be like them and refuse to fix any bugs unless someone agreed to pay me piles of money
[3:40pm] anthm: yes and the damn rport thing remains open
[3:40pm] Moc: lol I got one open on my end also about rport
[3:40pm] anthm: 6 characters added to the url
[3:40pm] anthm: its not even a matter of supporting the response they already do
[3:40pm] anthm: its literally just offering it in the url
[3:41pm] anthm: by appending ;rport