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Move Tracker


Belaid Areski set up a spreadsheet on Google Docs open to Docs Team members to track the migration of wiki pages to Confluence.

You need to have the right permissions in order to update the google spreadsheet, please contact John Boteler or Belaid Areski with questions regarding this spreadsheet:

Status Modes

Pending — nothing has been done with the old wiki page.

Editing — a Docs Team member is currently editing the page, this status "locks" it so consult with him before performing any actions on it.

Moved — the page has been copied from the old wiki to Confluence, but no formatting nor vetting of the validity of the page has been performed.

Complete — the page has been copied, formatted, and is ready for public consumption.

Delete — the page is outdated or otherwise not needed on Confluence, ignore it.

Duplicate — usually a redirected wiki link, no need to copy page.

Request-delete — if not sure if page should be deleted, mark it Request-delete and a developer will be asked if it is needed.


John Boteler You can open a private session in your browser (chrome CRTL+Shift+N), try the link and you should see that you need to be authorized to update the spreadsheet Posted by areski at Jun 12, 2014 05:21