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Google Summer of Code - Ideas Page‚Äč

Google Summer of Code 2015 page

Org Application Starts: February 09 at 19:00 UTC

Please list your ideas for a GSoC project!

  • Android WebRTC client
  • Proper IAX stack
  • Audio drivers for FSComm softphone
  • Port FreeSWITCH to ARM
  • Proper H.323 stack
  • Open source billing system
  • Proper FHS support in the build system
  • Optional support for system libraries (e.g. --with-system-sqlite, etc) so that FreeSWITCH can be included in distros with strict policies.
  • RTCP XR addition
  • Removing inband DTMF from the media stream feature
  • Improve the concurrency model in Sofia-SIP for support of more than 1 thread per SIP profile.
  • IMAP for voicemail ?