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Adopt A Module


The idea behind Adopt-a-Module... TO-DO

Responsibilities of Adopter

  • Keep the wiki updated.
  • Help others on the mailing list, IRC, and other outlets with questions regarding your module(s).
  • Tickets on JIRA regarding your module(s) will be automatically assigned to you. You will have first crack at bugs and feature requests.
  • Monitor FishEye to document new features and bug fixes done by others to your module(s) and document them on the wiki.
  • You will be required to change your module(s) diapers, bathe them, do their laundry, pay for doctors visits, set up a trust fund for their college, etc.

Why You Should Adopt-a-Module

  • Great way to increase the visibility of a module or modules you care about.
  • Become known as the expert for that particular module.
  • Increase your FSRespect index.
  • Looks good on your FreeSWITCH Resume.
  • Increases your chances of "getting with the ladies". Whatever that means.

Adopted Modules

This is a list of modules already adopted.

Module NameWiki LinkAdopted byDate Adopted
XML IVRMisc._Dialplan_Tools_ivrAnshel2012-09-06

Modules Waiting for Adoption

List modules needing some love here:

  • mod_callcenter
  • mod_cidlookup
  • mod_distributor
  • mod_nibblebill
  • mod_opal
  • mod_lua

Modules Off Limits

These modules will be maintained by the core developers...

  • mod_sofia
  • mod_conference


Can a module be adopted by more than one person?

Yes. Some of the larger modules like mod_callcenter are going to require this. It just takes too much time and energy for one person to take care of. As a team, you need to coordinate amongst yourselves to figure out what needs to be documented, what bugs need to be fixed, etc.

What happens if I can no longer maintain a module?

  • If you are working in a team, bring it up with them and let them know what's going on.
  • Remove your name from this page.
  • If you are the only one maintaining a module, let one of the core developers know.
  • send out an email to the mailing list, and try to ask if someone can take it over.

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