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The authors and contributors to the FreeSWITCH™ Community project.

Anthony Minesalle IIAnthony Minessale II is the lead developer and creator of FreeSWITCH™, an open source telephony project. He is continuously developing improvements for his project. He has been programming for 15 years and has been the man behind Asterlink.Anthony Minessale oversees the development of multiple projects on customer relationship management (CRM) system, Intranet platform, and all network and application architecture. Mr. Minessale brings over fifteen years of programming, project management, and systems administration experience to enterprises.Minessale served as the senior technology officer of web hosting and ISP companies where he helped expand the companies' infrastructure from one computer into a complex web hosting network of over five hundred UNIX and NT systems, complete with provisioning, support, billing, and monitoring capabilities.Minessale attended the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where he studied computer science.

In addition the following people have contributed, and then there are the countless masses that have contributed who are not mentioned.

  • Michael Jerris ( — Windows porter and responsible for the Windows\MS VC build system as well as the UNIX build system.
  • Brian K. West — For countless hours of work on BSD and Mac support, finding countless bugs, and moral support. Xcode project files.
  • Joshua Colp — For his help making mod_exosip possible (which we are now getting rid of, but...oh well), and for just being a swell guy!
  • Michal "cypromis" Bielicki (michal.bielicki AT — Solaris porting, and autotools enhancements.
  • James Martelletti ( — All around cool guy (mod_syslog)
  • Johny Kadarisman ( — mod_python fixups.
  • Yossi Neiman of Cartis Solutions, Inc. (freeswitch AT — implementation of mod_cdr (Perl, MySQL, CSV)
  • Stefan Knoblich — Various patches and support. Thanks.
  • Justin Unger — (justinunger at gmail dot com) Lots of help with patches and SIP testing. Thanks!
  • Paul D. Tinsley — Various patches and support. (pdt at
  • Ken Rice of Asteria Solutions Group, INC (ken AT — XML CDR, sofia improvements, load testing.
  • Neal Horman (neal at wanlink dot com) — conference improvements, switch_ivr menu additions and other tweaks.
  • Michael Murdock (mike at mmurdock dot org) — testing, documentation, bug finding and usability enhancements.
  • Matt Klein (
  • Jonas Gauffin (jonas at gauffin dot org) — Bug fixes and additions in mod_spidermonkey_odbc
  • Justin Cassidy — Build–related cleanup and automatic build setup.
  • Bret McDanel (trixter at 0xdecafbad dot com) — Documentation creation, maintenance, and organization, bug fixes, features, constant feedback and input

And then there are the libraries that FreeSWITCH™ uses, without them it would have been a lot more difficult. As they are open source there are countless hundreds who are included in their ranks as contributors to those projects, and indirectly to FreeSWITCH™.

Thanks to all who have contributed.

Core Development Team Wish Lists

If you would like to show your appreciation to the core team who bind together the FreeSWITCH™ community, their Amazon wish lists provide great suggestions:

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Mike Jerris (MikeJ) - Link

Brian West (bkw_) - Link

Ken Rice (SwK) - Link

William King (quentusrex) - Link

Travis Cross (tc) - Link


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