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Lua Toolkit Jester


Jester is a scripting toolkit for FreeSWITCH written in the Lua programming language. It's functionality sits squarely between the feature set of the XML dialplan, IVR menus, and custom scripting. The goal of Jester is to ease development of voice workflows by providing a simple, unified way to implement more complex features that normally require custom scripting.


Jester is written to be small, simple, and extensible. The core code is less than 800 lines! Most user tasks are carried out by pluggable modules, and people familiar with Lua scripting will find it easy to add new modules to extend functionality further. End users are spared the complexity of writing full scripts, and instead work inside script-like templates called 'sequences', that allow them to pass commands with parameters to the underlying modules, which handle all the dirty work.

Comedian mail replica

Jester's default profile is a replica of Asterisk's Comedian Mail system. Those transitioning from Asterisk to FreeSWITCH with concerns about the differences between the two voicemail systems can leverage this to provide a seamless transition to their end users.


Jester comes with extensive documentation, available online.


The code is available on GitHub.

Check out the README and INSTALL for information on how to get Jester up and running, and do read the help, it's very helpful!

Jester is written and maintained by hunmonk in the #freeswitch channel on, and sponsored by Star2Star communications.