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Freeswitch GUI


FreeSWITCH GUI can use XML-RPC, ESL, Erlang and several communication methods to communicate with FreeSWITCH. The powerful method is the useful ESL library that is translated to several languages, including Perl, Lua, Python, Ruby, .NET and others.

There are several graphical user interfaces available for FreeSWITCH. A few are listed below. These can assist in managing XML configuration files and FreeSWITCH operations themselves. All of them sit on top of a FreeSWITCH installation (so you should probably still familiarize yourself with the instructions above).

Open Source GUI Solutions for FreeSWITCH is a modular, highly scalable, object-oriented, multi-platform, multi-OS web interface for managing FreeSWITCH. It was created by the developer of the FreeSWITCH mod_nibblebill module. The platform allows management of the entire FreeSWITCH system via a simple, friendly GUI and requires no knowledge of the underlying XML configuration structures. Great care has been taken to allow for future expansion via modules and plug-ins.

Note that despite the support of multiple switching engines, the project has a heavy focus on the FreeSWITCH project and provides FreeSWITCH-only modules to support advanced functionality in FreeSWITCH.

Status: abandonware


FusionPBX is a feature rich, multi-platform, highly customizable, scalable and fast web interface to manage FreeSWITCH as a PBX or as a voice SWITCH. The project started as the FreeSWITCH package on pfSense. Development was done to make it work with multiple operating systems this includes various version of Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac OS X, and others. The data storage was moved from pfSense's XML data storage to PHP Data Objects (PDO) which provides ability to use SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL and other data storage engines. It can use any web server that supports PHP5 this includes Apache, Lighttpd, nginx, IIS and many others.

FusionPBX currently has 48 additional modules (aka packages) that provide a great deal of functionality. Some examples of the functionality include but art not limited to active calls, active extensions, interactive conference interface, interactive queues, very detailed call records with XML CDR, auto phone provisioning, IVR menu for auto attendant features, hunt groups, call forward, DISA, time conditions, dialplan editor, sip gateway manager, extension management, user management, contact management, content and menu manager and more. Development is active. To learn more use the links below.


Telecoms mediation, rating engine and call data record analysis for post-paid billing applications with a range of connectors to different switch types supporting many CDR data formats.


FreePyBX is an MPL 2.0 opensource licensed feature-rich GUI implementation for FreeSWITCH. User-friendly intuitive interface allows your customers to enjoy all of the features and stability of very expensive proprietary software for free. It was written in Python with the Pylons framework, the call control is mostly Lua, but the directory, configuration, and dialplan are also XML cURL. It is an ITSP multi-tenant system supporting many features like call center queues, click-to-call, text-to-speech and much more. Some of the technologies that it utilizes are dojo, ajax, and has interfaces to JSON that can easly be used for an API for third-party, cloud api, or legacy systems and rdbms'. The code is easy to follow and was written very modular to allow easy integration with third-party modules and custom development. An excellent choice for an ITSP telephony framework.

It utilizes a single profile with a single IP and port--perfect for a hosted PBX ITSP provider.

The development is very active and currently only supports FreeSWITCH with no plans to port to other switches.


ICTFax is a Fax over IP solution with Plivo and Drupal-based GUI for FreeSWITCH by ictinnovations


WikiPBX is a Python/Django based GUI for FreeSWITCH.


A simple billing app is a RoR based GUI for freeswitch. This can manager multiples freeswitch endpoints by mod_xml_curl and mod_nibble_curl.


FSGui is a Qt-based FreeSWITCH interface to manage FreeSWITCH, watch calls, and channels. It was developed using ESL and it's included in the freeswitch git repository.

Read more on the Fs gui subpage.


Web-based PHP utility to view extensions, calls, conferences, and FreeTDM channels.

It also allows several maintenance commands.

This project is run over ESL and seems intended as an admin / HUD interface, and should NOT be exposed to the end user.


Web-based .Net program designed to configure/control a freeswitch server.

It allows for creation of extensions, setting up internal and external sip gateways and a fair bit of basic routing. It is expandable by implementing IModule classes to create site based modules for new routing methods, security, whatever features are desired. The project is looking for skilled C# or javascript developers to assist with the development.

FreeSWITCH Portal

Builtin web interface in FreeSWITCH. It is based on mod_xml_rpc and aims can be used out of the box.

See Freeswitch Portal for details.


Project to monitor FreeSWITCH status and health



ICT Dialer

Voice, IVR (with visual designer) SMS, Fax broadcasting software(built on Plivio and Drupal)


Voice broadcasting & Autodialer solution, support complex IVR and Surveys (built with Python, Django, Celery, Lua, Redis and PostgreSQL)

Newfies-Dialer is a voice broadcast and SMS messaging platform that sends telephone calls and text messages at very high speed to help you grow and retain your customer base effectively.


Voice broadcast, IVRs/surverys on spanish (built on Plivo)


Sky DANCE - is a commercial Telecommunications environment which includes a comprehensive GUI for provisioning, maintenance and least cost routing setup and an underlying massively scalable architecture that incorporates Freeswitch, Kamailio, Fusion PBX. and other solutions into a unified, high availability environment for processing wholesale and retail traffic including providing multi-tenant PBX services, iOS and Android softphones, Zoom like webRTC conferencing and more. Sky DANCE runs in the cloud and scales from a single server to a distributed system running on many geographically dispersed servers running in a single administrative domain.Website Here Posted by nfranzmeier at Jan 27, 2021 16:22