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Faxlib documentation

Will this ever be accurate again? FreeSWITCH uses v8 for Javascript now.


This is the documentation for an object based approach to faxing for FreeSWITCH with Javascript ( mod_spidermonkey). faxlib exposes certain methods and properties available to the calling program. They are documented here.

All the text below was last edited in 2007, it is therefore likely out-of-date, inaccurate and in dire need of a refresh


  • socketaddr - STRING host host:ip eg "localhost:8084"
  • session - SESSION OBJECT the current session
  • faxDetect - BOOLEAN state of fax CNG detection
  • faxFilePrefix - STRING directory prefix to the fax (for tx or rx)
  • faxFile - STRING the filename in faxFilePrefix of the fax
  • gotFax - BOOLEAN whether or not a fax was received


  • stopFaxDetect - stops fax CNG detection, called automatically when receiving a fax
  • startFaxDetect - starts fax CNG detection
  • getFaxFile - returns a STRING of the full path to the fax file
  • rxFax - receives a fax
  • txFax - transmits a fax
  • fax2pdf - converts a fax tiff into a pdf, the fax object will point to that pdf from then on


fax(session,socketaddr [, faxFilePrefix [, faxFile]])


var f = new fax(session,"localhost:8084","/tmp","myfax.tiff");

The last 2 arguments are optional and if not specified will be "/tmp" and the "<uuid>.tiff" where <uuid> is replaced by the current uuid of the call in progress.