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<VirtualAgent> noun

<Connect> verb's <VirtualAgent> noun permits connecting the call to a Dialogflow agent. To learn more about integrating SignalWire with Dialogflow, see Integrating with Dialogflow Agents.

For example, one can connect to Dialogflow with:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Connect action="" >
<VirtualAgent connectorName="my-agent" />

Noun Attributes

connectorNameThe Google Project ID of the agent to use. Find a list of IDs in the Dialogflow page in the UI.

After a Dialogflow conversation is completed, SignalWire can make a request to the <Connect> verb's action attribute. In addition to the Standard Request Parameters, the following are parameters passed back to your application when SignalWire makes the request.

VirtualAgentErrorCode stringAn error code, in case VirtualAgentStatus is "failed".
VirtualAgentError stringAn error message, in case VirtualAgentStatus is "failed".
VirtualAgentProvider stringThe provider of the VirtualAgent (e.g., Dialogflow)
VirtualAgentStatus stringE.g. failed or transfer
VirtualAgentProviderData stringA JSON object (serialized as a string) containing data about the Dialogflow interaction.