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RTP Control Protocol

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RTCP - RTP Control Protocol - provides out-of-band statistics and control information for an RTP session. Only the Sender Report (SR) messages are sent by FreeSWITCH.


RTCP can be configured on a per-session basis or for the entire SIP profile. Its transmission intervals can be set from between 100 ms to 5000 ms.

Per Session

Use the rtcp_audio_interval_msec and rtcp_video_internal_msec channel variables.

<!-- enables rtcp to be sent every 5 secs
--- Include this line in the dialplan before you bridge
--- Be aware that there is resource overhead. So stress
--- test before you deploy -->

<action application="set" data="rtcp_audio_interval_msec=5000"/>

Entire Profile

Set these params in the SIP profile:

 <!-- enable rtcp on every channel also can be done per leg basis 
with rtcp_audio_interval_msec variable set to passthru to pass
it across a call -->
<param name="rtcp-audio-interval-msec" value="5000"/>
<param name="rtcp-video-interval-msec" value="5000"/>

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