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XML Meta Page

Primary Tasks

  • Find all pages that reference XML configuration
  • Categorize the pages into a target group

Documentation Tasks

  • Find more information about email and voicemail config
  • Read Configuring FreeSWITCH and find commonalities between other documentation attempts


  • Separate configuration docs by configuration section?


Dial by name directory – should go to a tutorial page

Dialing tel links with freeswitch) – definitely a recipe

FreeSWITCH Scheduler API – should be made into a recipe and the rest of the content should go wherever these API things go – or maybe not? scheduler seems more appropriate from an externally controlling application.... it might be confusing used from XML dialplan

Gateway prefixes – Recipe!

Prefix_dialing – a recipe if I've ever seen one

Call Forward Example - recipe

JitterBuffer – good candidate for a recipe

Codec Negotiation – good recipe candidate

T38 Modem – consider for us with fax

Example Extension Status

Ring group – good candidate for dialplan, may be good for discussing originate strings

Call Group intercept – possibly use as a recipe... if not, use as a tutorial

Dialplan FollowMe – extract the xml examples

Freeswitch IVR Originate pull out any recipe stuff

Conference Add Call Example – possible

Conference Announce Count Inline – recipe?

Outbound Conference Calls – recipe?


FreeSWITCH PBX Example – definitely a tutorial. Needs some updates and some moving around. Firewall config should be in the networking section and referenced.

IMT – a tutorial! But with a little work, it could become a recipe

High Availability – definitely a tutorial – firewall stuff should be farmed out

SSD Tuning for Linux – aux knowledge

SBC FreeSWITCH Configuration Example 2 – definitely a tutorial

T38 Modem – building/installing an external package is auxiliary

FreeSWITCH Softphone – tutorials

Module Configuration


XML Switch Configuration)


Mumble Conference With ALSA

Verto Communicator

XML Modules Configuration

Default Configuration – pull out each module related piece of information to its appropriate module page

FreeSWITCH XML-RPC) – send it to the module page! And don't include in any mention of actual dialplan stuff – this is about controlling freeswitch with an external application.

Sofia SIP Stack – sofia SIP config info

Configuring SIP – directory config

External Profile – external profile

Sofia Configuration Files) (question) – the sofia configuration is arguably part of the mod_sofia module, buuuut it's also really important and merits a longer explanation

Speech Phrase Management – specific to speech phrase config

Queue_which_calls_extensions – extract some fifo knowledge, but remove the rest as apparently it's outdated

Category:TTS) – recipe for TTS with google speech

Directory – directory config

XML User Directory – directory config

Contact Mapping – directory config

LDAP Directory – directory config

XML Modules Configuration

Xmlcdrd – make sure to extract the config here

CDR and accounting variables – Do these variables apply to all the modules listed? With the same behavior?

mod_sofia variables

mod_fifo variables

Conference Add Call Example – possibly more useful if given as a recipe... need to see if it depends on the config

Conference Announce Count Inline – or just stay in its module page

Outbound Conference Calls – possibly stays on its own page


Core Configuration

Freeswitch for new people – discusses pre-processor which is a core config concept

macOS Email Voicemail#ConfigureFreeSWITCH%E2%84%A2Email – I can't remember whether the params there are for mod_voicemail specifically or not – to do

Amazon EC2

Windows Install – mailer-app param, but for windows

Reloading – somewhat relevant ... seems like surplus though. This is a weird mix of module concerns and core concerns.

Configuration Recipes – pull out config here to the directory config page. The call group example should exclude the XML and only reference using bridge with the very important "group/${callgroup}@${domain_name}" syntax.

vars.xml – describes some vars that are apart of core config

Switch core variables

CDR and accounting variables

Default Configuration – flesh out the description of config files to core config section, the other explanations MUST be given to the modules section.

High Availability – make sure params discussed here are included, but otherwise should go to a tutorial page

XML Basics – intro to XML

Databases – dsn set xml, needs further explanation to be useful (i.e. where the variable should be set if it matters)

ODBC DSN – consolidate with other database page

PostgreSQL in the core – consolidate – do not discuss installation of postgres – it is an entirely different concern

FreeSWITCH Databases


NAT Traversal – switch conf

XML Modules Configuration – this is extraneous and needs to be streamlined into the main modules page.

Static XML Dialplan – discusses some dialplan concepts

How To's – lock negotiated codec with dialplan condition

Routing with directory parameters – a little surplus. Users will most likely have already learned about condition-field-value semantics. It's enough to simply tell them that the variables can be matched without fleshing out another condition example. This is better explained in the directory section only.

Configuration Recipes – might not be necessary in this context as it's just matching a standard destination number.

Configuring FreeSWITCH – I need to read over this. BUT it brings up something that I've noticed. Everyone is trying to re-invent the wheel! We need to consolidate this information and fill in the blanks, not start over. And starting an introduction, but introducing clutter can be hard. I think this is a good reference.

vars.xml – describes vars that can be used in the dialplan

Freeswitch.xml.fsxml – I envision a final page in the Static XML Dialplan area describing debugging tips and common mess ups or something like that.

SBC FreeSWITCH Configuration Example 2 – consider extracting any unique information from this page

FS Channel Variables

Time of Day and Holiday Routing

XML Dialplan

Demo IVR – reference for ivr example... but this is more of a config concern

XML Dialplan archive

Inline Dialplan – good examples about inline dialplan

mod_dialplan_xml variables

temp switch core variables

Misc Destinations – probably needs to be put into a discussion about a standard installation

Core Discussion (sans XML)

Proxy Media – great explanation of proxy media, the XML part should be farmed out to sofia_config/sip_profile config

Sofia SIP Stack – discuss Sofia, but XML should be farmed out to its own section (sofia config section?)

SSD Tuning for Linux – discusses setting dsn... the core documentation should discuss all dsn config and then the tutorial should reference it

Codecs and Media – discusses setting codecs with pre-processor

Codec Negotiation – discusses variables

Freeswitch IVR Originate

SIP Profiles

It seems like people make a big deal out of SIP profiles and naturally isolate them from the other config.

Gateways Configuration

Sofia Configuration Files – discusses sofia configuration files in depth

Shared Line Appearance – make the config apart of the discussion, send the rest to an auxiliary page. It might be best to have a separate space for SIP phone compatibility.

Outbound_profile – consider for inclusion

Codecs and Media – sofia config discussion for codecs


NAT – some params

NAT Traversal – various vars related to nat, some with

Example Offsite phones – may be extraneous

Inline Dialplan – make sure to pull out the profile information from here

Call Group intercept – extract directory config

mod_sofia variables

Needs Categorization

Outbound_profile – may also be an interoperability concern. The examples should at least be diagrams instead of text (smile)

JitterBuffer – I'm not sure what place this has in the grand scheme of things yet

Bypass Media Overview – will ultimately need to be in a separate discussion, probably within its current category


VAD and CNG – has variables


Lua FreeSWITCH Dbh


Dial Plan Action Perl Example


This section needs to find a place. But the concept of a channel is important. It isn't necessarily bound to static XML dialplan even though that's where most the examples reside.

__Channel Variables