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Event headers

0. About

List of available headers that events may have.

1. Event fields/headers

Type descriptions:

  • core: Event headers that are defined by the core of FreeSWITCH, and are used with event classes (i.e., events defined by the FreeSWITCH core as well).
  • custom: Some headers are used with event subclasses (i.e., custom events, created specifically for certain modules or services).
  • common: Some headers are included with every event, regardless of class. See 1.1 Header section in Events.
ActioncustomUsed with conference::* event subclasses. See mod_conference, and grep the source for "Action" to get the complete list.conference-create
ApplicationcoreTODO See TODO at section 3.8 CHANNEL_EXECUTE eventtransfer
Application-DatacoreTODO See TODO at section 3.8 CHANNEL_EXECUTE event+19162510217 XML default
Application-ResponsecoreTODO See TODO at section 3.8 CHANNEL_EXECUTE event_none_
Application-UUIDcoreTODO See TODO at section 3.8 CHANNEL_EXECUTE event040626b0-7a18-417a-89f0-68db068d0ac2
Application-UUID-NamecoreTODO See TODO at section 3.8 CHANNEL_EXECUTE eventTODO ?
Channel-Call-StateTODO? (core?)See Call States.RINGING
Channel-Call-State-NumberTODO? (core?)See Call States.2
Channel-StateTODO? (core?)See Channel States.CS_EXECUTE
Channel-State-NumberTODO? (core?)See Channel States.4
Content-LengthcoreIf the event has a body, then this header will contain the size of the payload in bytes (analogous to the HTTP header of the same name). See How to process events section in Events for parsing guidelines.
Core-UUIDcommonUnique ID of FreeSWITCH instance, changes on every reboot [1].11f751fa-47a7-11e2-9f24-bf76d9fc9ea3
Event-Calling-FilecommonSource file that triggered this event.mod_voicemail.c
Event-Calling-FunctioncommonSource function that triggered this event.sofia_reg_parse_auth
Event-Calling-Line-NumbercommonSource file line that triggered this event.710
Event-Date-GMTcommonDate/time including timezone from FreeSWITCH instance at the point the event was triggered.Fri, 28 Dec 2012 19:08:39 GMT
Event-Date-LocalcommonLocal date/time from FreeSWITCH instance at the point the event was triggered.2012-12-28 19:08:39
Event-Date-TimestampcommonUnix epoch time from FreeSWITCH instance at the point the event was triggered. (in microseconds, divide by 1000 to get milliseconds).1356721719352143
Event-NamecommonName of the event. See Classes section at Events.RE_SCHEDULE
Event-SequencecommonSequential ID of event on the FreeSWITCH instance.This resets to zero after every reboot, and is not unique to each instance. [1]9274
Event-SubclasscustomDescribes the meaning and role of CUSTOM events (see Event hierarchy section in Events).menu::enter(See possible values in CUSTOM event subclasses.)
FreeSWITCH-IPv4commonIPv4 address of FreeSWITCH instance.
FreeSWITCH-IPv6commonIPv6 address of FreeSWITCH instance.::1
FreeSWITCH-HostnamecommonHost name of machine that FreeSWITCH instance is running on.server123.example.comserver123
FreeSWITCH-SwitchnamecommonSwitch name of FreeSWITCH instance. This is normally the same as FreeSWITCH-Hostname unless you have a complex configuration (for example, fail over, multi-homing etc).server123.example.comserver123