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Until someone writes mod_yac you can do it like this:

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<action application="system" data="echo -e @CALL${caller_id_name}~${caller_id_number}\\0|nc -q 0 10629"/>

On CentOS 5.2 you should strip out the "-q 0" as that is not a valid option, so it becomes.

<action application="system" data="echo -e @CALL${caller_id_name}~${caller_id_number}\\0|nc 10629"/>

I have added this action to the default dialplan in the extension "Local_Extention" like this: (when extention 1010 gets called, a yac message will be send to a yac listener on

<condition field="destination_number" expression="^1010$">
<action application="set" data="command=echo -e @CALL${caller_id_name}~${caller_id_number}\\0|nc 10629"/>
<action application="system" data="${command}"/>

Get the listener here: