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Call Groups


Ring several phones at once. Ring all phone extensions in a group all at once or in order. Any two digit group number may be used. The following example will use group number 01.

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Group Extensions

Add to Group

81[2 digit group number]

Calling Extension 8101 will add the current phone to group 01.

Delete from Group

80[2 digit group number]

Calling Extension 8001 will remove the current phone extension from group 01.

Ring Group Simultaneous

82[2 digit group number]

Calling Extension 8201 will ring all phone extensions in group 01.

Ring Group Order

83[2 digit group number]

Calling Extension 8301 will ring the first phone extensions in group 01 followed by the next phone in the group and then ring the next phone extension in the group until the call is answered.

Manipulating Groups from the Server

Adding an external number to a Call Group

Assuming that the local domain is set to, and you want the group to make a call to 01234555678 via a gateway called sipprivider, you can do it thus from the CLI:


This allows one to set things up so that extensions can be logged in/out using the above 8xxx codes, but the group always calls one's mobile(s)

Deleting from a Group

It is possible to delete items in a group using the 'group delete' command at the FreeSwitch CLI, but you need to know what's in the group. If it all goes horribly wrong, you can get rid of a call group by manipulating the SQL database directly. Assuming that you're using SQLight3, you can see the current state of play, thus:

# sqlite3 ~freeswitch/db/call_limit.db
sqlite> .headers ON
sqlite> select * from group_data;

and then discard (in this case) group thus:

sqlite> delete from group_data where groupname = '';

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