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Sofia Gateway Authentication Params


Params for configuring Sofia gateway authentication.

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Gateway Authentication

Here are all the possible values for a gateway:

register true or false (like when you don't want to register but want to auth to a gateway)

schema (Currently should be left blank which is Digest by default)

realm (authorization realm in some cases you might need to set this)

username (this is the authorization and from username in the registration unless from-user is set.)

auth-username (this will be the authentication username for an outbound registration)

password (well the password)

caller-id-in-from (for those times the callerid is in the from for when the remote doesn't do rpid or p-asserted)

extension (this is the contact extension for the remote to contact)

extension-in-contact (this will send the extension in the SIP Contact header)

proxy (defaults to the gateway name unless you set this param)

context (what context this gateway is in)

expire-seconds (how many seconds to register for default is 3600 if left empty)

retry-seconds (this sets the number of seconds to retry the registration)

from-user (the username used in the from field defaults to the username if left empty)

from-domain (the domain to use in the from field)

register-proxy (for those times you have a proxy you register with and a different proxy to send calls to defaults to gateway name or proxy if left empty)

contact-params (extra contact params ie tport=tcp)

register-transport (udp,tcp or tls if you have it enabled)


Missing from this list is outbound-proxy, used to route outbound calls. If you use just proxy that will override realm and auth will fail if realm is required and is different to proxy. Posted by dcw67 at Aug 18, 2020 20:33
Point well taken, however I only see it being read from config files in sofia.c and mod_sofia.c and not really used anywhere, but I am by no means a C guru. Further, the Vanilla example.xml gateway file on github doesn't mention it, so I'm not sure it's fully developed yet? Posted by boteman at Oct 23, 2020 17:49