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When is a reloadxml sufficient for "reloading and moving on"? This can be a tricky question. Sometimes reloading XML is sufficient. Sometimes more is needed.


When making updates in FreeSWITCH it is frequently necessary to "reload" in order for the changes to take effect. Sometimes you need to issue just the reloadxml command, as with updating XML dialplan files. However, there are times when you need to do something in addition to reloading XML. Further complicating matters, there are some commands that will execute a reloadxml on your behalf so that you don't explicitly have to issue two commands!

Below is a list of items that require various types of reloading. (If you see something that isn't on this list then by all means add it if you know it.) For example, it mentions the reloadacl command. The reloadacl command performs a reloadxml for you and then updates the ACLs in the system. Also, the reload <module_name> command now performs a reloadxml for you as well. (This was added in mid 2012 and it available on all recent versions of FreeSWITCH.)

Reload List

ItemReload CommandNotes
XML DialplanreloadxmlRun each time you edit XML dial file(s)
ACLsreloadaclEdit acl.conf.xml first
Voicemailreload mod_voicemailEdit voicemail.conf.xml first
Conferencereload mod_conferenceEdit conference.conf.xml first
Add Sofia Gatewaysofia profile <name> rescanLess intrusive - no calls dropped
Remove Sofia Gatewaysofia profile <name> killgw <gateway_name>Less intrusive - no calls dropped
Restart Sofia Gatewaysofia profile <name> killgw <gateway_name>sofia profile <name> rescanLess intrusive - no calls dropped
Add/remove Sofia Gatewaysofia profile <name> restartMore intrusive - all profile calls dropped
Local Streamsee Mod_local_streamEdit localstream.conf.xml first
Update a lua filenothing necessaryfile is loaded from disk each time it is run
Update LCR SQL tablenothing necessarySQL query is run for each new call
Update LCR optionsreload mod_lcrEdit lcr.conf.xml first
Update CID Lookup Optionsreload mod_cidlookupEdit cidlookup.conf.xml first
Update JSON CDR Optionsreload mod_json_cdrEdit json_cdr.conf.xml first
Update XML CDR Optionsreload mod_xml_cdrEdit xml_cdr.conf.xml first
Update XML CURL Server Responsenothing, unless using cache

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