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Created by Ryan Harris, last modified on 2018.02.07


boolean Adds a new m= line for each distinct ptime in codec list.

When this variable is not set:

  • When mixing codecs with various ptime in a codec list, they will now be allowed to co-exist in the sdp but it will send no ptime attr. This means the ptime preferences on the offer will be ignored when mixing codecs with various ptimes. When receiving a codec list with no ptime attr, the ptime will be chosen from local preference instead of assuming 20ms. This means if offer contains PCMU with no ptime and FS has PCMU@40i
  • Dynamic payloads will now start at 98 and increment per additional dynamic codec per call. So now you can add CELT@32000h,CELT@48000h and each one will be auto-assigned a dynamic payload type.

Is now implied to be true, if you don't like this set it to false but it's going to be undefined behaviour. This basically means if you call in with ptime 30 then you have a bunch of ptime 20 codecs in your outbound list that there will be one m= line with 30 and the original inbound codec and more m= lines for each discinct ptime in your list. This is, of course, will depend on disable_transcoding or absolute_codec_string as well.


<action application="set" data="sdp_m_per_ptime=true"/>