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Created by Ryan Harris, last modified on 2018.02.07


boolean When set to true (default if not present), it will skip timer waits when the socket already has data on read. When set to false, it will always sleep one timer interval. When a packet is too late with this setting, it would be saved for next time in the udp stack and we would place a filler packet into the core to keep it moving that is flagged as CNG so you know there is no audio in it. If you have it set to false, you end up with delay if the other side is sending the audio at a different speed (can be tiny difference but it would build up).

It is worth it to set to true if you have crappy network conditions where you are hearing hiccups it's related to jitter. Sometimes you have the other side sending audio too fast, then this option set to false will smooth it out but if you have it set to false in jitter conditions it tricks it into moving too fast.