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Created by Ryan Harris, last modified by livem Chan on 2020.07.29


integer Determines how long FreeSWITCH is going to wait for a response from the invite message sent to the gateway. In effect, it is a way to control the timeout for a bridge/originate consisting of multiple endpoints.

Default Value: 60


Useful if you are using multiple gateways. In this example, FreeSWITCH will wait 2 seconds for to respond to the invite message before trying the next gateway:

<action application="set" data="originate_timeout=2"/>
<action application="bridge" data="sofia/default/$1@|sofia/default/$1@"/>
<action application="bridge" data="{originate_timeout=10}[leg_timeout=5]sofia/default/foo1@bar1|[leg_timeout=5]sofia/default/foo2@bar2"/>
<action application="bridge" data="{originate_timeout=24}${group_call(sales@$${domain})}"/>