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Created by Ryan Harris, last modified by livem Chan on 2020.09.04


integer Timeout for each leg in an originate dialstring. Can be used in per-leg [], but not in global {} for the dialstring. For global, use originate_timeout.

You can also use leg_progress_timeout to specify the maximum time we will wait before we get media (whether it's early media, ringing or answer), allowing you to avoid going to voicemail for a particular line.

If you are using group confirm then you can cancel the timeout by using the group_confirm_cancel_timeout channel variable. If leg_delay_start is also used, leg_timeout will not start the timeout counter until after the extension starts to be bridged to.


<action application="bridge" data="[leg_timeout=15]user/hastoanswerquickly/,[leg_timeout=60]user/"/>