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Created by Ryan Harris, last modified on 2018.02.07


string Command or api to be executed on the B leg before bridging the two channels. Useful when originating a call from the event socket, CLI or XML-RPC.

It could for instance be used to do a HTTP GET with a script or mod_http to the IP address of a Snom phone to increase the ringer volume if you need to do a wakeup call.

Can also be used to bind a dtmf to an app on the b leg of a call so that it can survive a transfer.

Arguments can be passed to the app with bridge_pre_execute_bleg_data.

(warning) this is executed AFTER the call is setup but BEFORE the media (audio) is bridged.


<action application="set" data="bridge_pre_execute_bleg_app=bind_meta_app"/>
<action application="set" data="bridge_pre_execute_bleg_data=1 a s att_xfer::sofia/profile/destination"/>