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Created by Ryan Harris, last modified on 2018.02.08


string Generates comfort noise when bridged session is receiving discontinuous audio frames (silence suppression).

When greater than 0, this variable is set to the divisor of the silence generating function. 400 or 1400 are common values set, but you may experiment with other choices to pick one that sounds best.

When true, FreeSWITCH will pick a default comfort noise value.

When -1, FreeSWITCH will transmit silence without comfort noise. (As of 2012-10-25)


Leg A wants a continuous stream of audio, but leg B is using silence suppression:

<action application="set" data="bridge_generate_comfort_noise=true"/>
<action application="bridge" data="sofia/user/1000"/>

Leg A uses silence suppression, but leg B wants a continuous stream of audio:

<action application="bridge" data="{bridge_generate_comfort_noise=true}sofia/user/1000"/>