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Created by Ryan Harris, last modified by tculjaga on 2018.12.19


boolean By default this is false. Set to true, this makes the bridge use the live audio from the b-leg as ringback to the a-leg. Setting bridge_early_media=true means the early media will be buffered.

Consider setting this to true if:

  • you are using a loopback channel to execute a bridge to an endpoint which sends back early media and the received early media's audio is degraded.

Note: The buffering resulting from setting bridge_early_media=true brings with it a higher resource cost than bridge_early_media=false, but may improve the sound quality of the early media. Set bridge_early_media before the bridge, or in the dial string for the bridge.

  • you are using multiple targets in originate or bridge (e.g.: originate {globalVar=global}[channelVar=channel1]sofia/gateway/GW1/123456|[channelVar=channel2]sofia/gateway/GW2/123456) where you need to receive network generated Call Progress Tones (e.g.: ringtones and network announcements). You can combine this with continue\_on\_fail so you can fine-tune fallback on specific release causes only.