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Payload for call state events that are triggered by the change in state of an active Relay-controlled call. You can obtain instances of this state callback request by including a call_state_url parameter when starting a call with one of the following methods:


event_typestringThe value will be "".
event_channelstringId for the event channel on which these room session's events are reported.
timestampnumberTime of the event.
space_idstringId for the SignalWire space associated with the call.
project_idstringId for the project associated with the call.
paramsObjectEvent-specific parameters. This object contains the following eight fields.
params.node_idstringId for the node this call is on.
params.call_idstringId for the call.
params.tagstring[]Client data this call is tagged with. Optional.
params.deviceobjectProtocol-specific connection information including the device type, from_number, and to_number.
params.parentobjectInformation on the call that created this call including the parent device_type, node_id, and call_id. Optional.
params.peerobjectInformation on the peer call this call is actively connected with including the peer node_id and call_id. Optional.
params.call_statestringThe current state that triggered this event. Possible values are created, ringing, answered, ending, and ended.
params.created_bystringThe method associated with this call state change. Optional. Possible values are "dial", "connect", and "receive".