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MultiChannel Banking Helper - Python


This application will allow customers to check balance as well as obtain the due date for credit card payments via both voice and SMS.

What do I need to run this code?

View the full code on our Github here!

This guide uses the NodeJS SignalWire SDK, for a guide on installation click here.

Flask will be needed to handle the web framework.

You will need a SignalWire phone number as well as your API Credentials (API Token, Space URL, and Project ID) which can all be found in an easily copyable format within the API tab of your SignalWire portal.

How to Run Application

Python Multichannel Banking Helper

To install prerequisites, run pip install -r requirements.txt. Using a virtualenv is recommended.

To run the application, execute export then run flask run.

Connecting to your development application

To test the application with SignalWire while running locally, we recommend using ngrok.

The application runs on port 5000 by default.

You can then set up your SignalWire DID to point at your-ngrok-domain/voice for voice calls and your-ngrok-domain/sms for messaging.

Wrap up

This application example is a great starting point to create a bank service IVR driven by both voice and SMS

Required Resources:

Sign Up Here

If you would like to test this example out, you can create a SignalWire account and space here.

Please feel free to reach out to us on our Community Slack here or create a Support ticket if you need guidance!