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Forwarding Messages

Forwarding messages with SignalWire is exceedingly simple - you can be completely set up in under 5 minutes!

How to Write a Message Forwarding Bin

As message forwarding in a super easy use case with SignalWire, you can use our serverless code hosting bins to keep your life code free!

Within your SignalWire space, click the LaML tab on the left-hand side nav. Click on Bins and create a new Bin. You can paste your SignalWire Compatible XML code in these serverless bins. To learn how to use these bins as a webhook for handling inbound calls, check out our article on Webhooks.

You can use Message to send the inbound message to the number you would like to receive it. Make sure to set the 'to' variable to the number you would like to forward to.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<Message to='+1xxxxxxxxxx'> You received a message from: {{From}} to SignalWire number: {{To}}. The message is: "{{Body}}" </Message>


How to Assign the Bin to a SignalWire Phone Number

Read our Webhooks Overview for more information about webhooks and how they work with SignalWire!

Click the Phone Numbers tab on your lefthand side nav within your SignalWire space, and click the specific number that you would like to set up call forwarding on. If you don't have a number yet, now is the time to buy one!

Make sure that Handle Messages Using is set to LaML Webhooks, and paste your Bin URL in as the value for When a Message Comes In. Save, and you're done! Your messages to this SignalWire number will now be forwarded to the number that you designated in the bin.

Ensuring message delivery

If you are sending messages to the US from a 10DLC number --including forwarding messages-- you must register your traffic with the Campaign Registry. Otherwise, the carriers will not deliver your messages. Please see Campaign Registry - Everything You Need To Know for more information.

Forwarding Messages to Email

If you would like to forward incoming texts to an email address instead of another phone number, please check out our Forwarding Texts to Email guides in Python or Node.js.