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Platform Subscription Bundles

Platform Subscription Plan bundles are a Dashboard product designed for customers to benefit from commonly used features without having to worry about looking for every little detail a-la-carte. There are three available bundles - Free, Business, and Enterprise.

You can see the whole breakdown of what is included in each tier by clicking on “Platform” in your Dashboard’s top navigation bar.

Platform Bundles

Let’s explore some features that our upgraded Platform Subscription Plans unlock.

  • Export your billing data either via the API or download a CSV or PDF from your Dashboard.

  • Access subprojects - a way to organize multiple client projects under your primary company project.

  • Available HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for users who need to guard Protected Health Information.

  • Free media storage (up to 500GB for Enterprise tier).

  • RTMP streaming out of Video rooms to connect SignalWire's videoconferencing to YouTube, Facebook, and more.

All newly created spaces are assigned to the Free platform subscription plan which imposes limitations around subproject access, reporting data storage, and the allowed number of admins. The same limitations apply to spaces in Trial mode.

All accounts created before July 2022 are considered part of a Legacy platform subscription plan. Legacy customers will remain on this plan until opting into an upgraded plan. As part of the Legacy plan, your current setup – whether default or custom – will not change unless you choose to upgrade, with only one exception:

Call throughput has historically been allowed at a rate of one call per second (CPS) per number in an account. As of August 2022, call throughput is controlled at the Space level, including for accounts on the Legacy plan.

The allowed throughput increases by plan upgrade as follows:

Legacy: 10 CPS across the Space, unless an existing custom setup was in place

Free: 1 CPS across the Space

Business: 5 CPS across the Space

Enterprise: 50 CPS across the Space (with the ability to add additional, incremental CPS up to 250 CPS as a paid add-on)

If you are interested in upgrading to an advanced tier, head over to your Dashboard and click on “Platform” in your top navigation bar to get started.


If your SignalWire account is currently in Trial mode, you will be unable to upgrade to Business or Enterprise tier. When you add a credit card payment method to your account, you will be elevated to the Free Platform Subscription tier and may choose to upgrade from there.