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Fs gui

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FsGui is an extend able platform for call control applications. Making intensive use of Qt plugin infrastructure and lib ESL, FsGui intention is to provide means for applications to enable use of call control features on the desktop such as conference management, click to call, outlook integration, etc.

The first application being developed is #Console - A FreeSWITCH console for human beings.


Console - A FreeSWITCH console for human beings

Console is the very first application developed in the new FsGui structure. It will show the information that is shown on fs_cli and cli on a interface similar to what Wireshark has for IP packet dumps.

Console has a server manager tool that allows you to manage multiple FreeSWITCH instances and a tabbed interface that allows you to connect simultaneously to as many instances as you like.

Console also allows you to perform common tasks fast such as pastebin logs, save logs to disk or search existing logs.

A release is being planned for the next few weeks.


FsGUI is based on Qt and Tango icon set and it will run on Windows, Linux and macOS. Other platforms have to be tested. Feedback is appreciated.


Windows (3.2 MB)

No need to have Qt4 installed.

Special thanks to Carlos Talbot on this one.

Linux (306 KB)

This is not static and Qt4 has to be installed on the system.

macOS (14 MB)

This has all necessary Qt libs on the app frameworks so no need to install Qt at all.


João Mesquita <jmesquita (at)>


Media:application.png - This is still FsGui version 1. Once FsGui new model is released, I will add more screenshots.

Media:fsgui.png - Preview of the console application on FsGui second generation. Still not in trunk.