Getting Started

The Relay JavaScript SDK transforms your standard browser into a realtime media engine, enabling developers to directly make audio and video calls to phone numbers, SIP endpoints, and other browsers. Using the JavaScript SDK you can add immersive, scalable communication - from video conferences and softphones to click-to-call and mobile gaming - all available right in your own web pages and applications.

SignalWire's simple and powerful authentication system, using JWT, allows you to set granular permissions, enabling some of your users to only join conference calls, while others could list on-going calls and jump in to assist from a support dashboard... the possibilities are endless.

You are looking at the documentation for the old version of the SDK. For the documentation of the new version 3.x, which allows handling multiple conference rooms, see Getting Started with JavaScript SDK.

Source Code: signalwire/signalwire-js

Support: SignalWire Community Slack Channel

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