Porting Out of SignalWire

In order to port a number out of SignalWire, the number must be listed in your Space under Phone Numbers. When you are ready to port out numbers from SignalWire, please open a request with support with a list of numbers to be ported out so that Support can provide the necessary account number and PINs.


Reach out to SignalWire Support first!

Please reach out BEFORE submitting the port request to your carrier to avoid possible rejection due to the number not being unlocked. Porting out a number from SignalWire costs $5.00 per number to unlock and make available for porting. You will be charged $5.00 per number when your support ticket is processed and you are provided with the necessary information to provide to the winning carrier.

After receiving the account number and PINs for the numbers to be ported out, a number porting request can then be submitted with the carrier that the number (or numbers) is being transferred to.

Fill out all the details as requested by the new service provider, and submit using the following information:

Porting Request Item

Where to Find Value

Account number

Support will provide via the ticket.

Porting PIN

Support will provide via the ticket.


228 Hamilton Ave

3rd Floor

Palo Alto, CA 94301

Once the port-out request has been submitted, SignalWire will notify you once we receive confirmation from the winning carrier that your number has ported out of your account.

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