How to Troubleshoot Error 30008 (Unknown Error)

If a message that you sent is not delivered to the receiving device and returns a 30008 error code, this means that the delivery of your message failed for unknown reasons.

An error is sent to SignalWire from our carrier peer with no further details for the failure. Therefore, SignalWire assigns error code 30008 to indicate the unknown delivery reason.

Possible Resolution

  1. Check that the receiving phone is turned on and can receive non-SignalWire SMS
  2. Ensure that the phone is not roaming off-network. Message delivery cannot be guaranteed on roaming phones.
  3. Try sending to other phones who have the same mobile carrier (you can use our Phone Number Lookup API to determine the carrier if you’re unsure). If messages to other phones are delivered, the issue is likely device-related. Try rebooting the device or contact the mobile carrier for help.
  4. If the recipient number is another SignalWire number, ensure that number has an action configured for its Messaging capabilities. Make sure that each number has a webhook or application set up to handle inbound messaging.
  5. Try sending a shorter message to the phone that has simple content and does not include any special characters. This would give our support team an idea as to whether the failure is related to concatenation or character encoding.
  6. SignalWire support can help investigate what went wrong with our carrier peers. Please open a support request and include a minimum of 3 or more message SIDs where a 30008 error was thrown. Per our carrier peers' requirements, these SIDs can be no older than 48 hours at most.

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