Overview to Applications

Applications compose multiple SignalWire APIs into a full-fledged code demonstrations. They are immediately executable (usually via Docker) without you having to worry about the fussy details. Skimming through these codebases will give you a good idea about the common use-cases and best practices of the SignalWire APIs. You can directly clone them from GitHub and run them, then go through the source code to learn how they work. Feel free to experiment and tinker with the code.

Voice API

  1. Full Contact Center
  2. Ruby SIP Outbound Call Center
  3. Dial In IVR w/ Voice CAPTCHA & In Call Assistant
  4. Stop Robocalls with SignalWire's Communication APIs and NodeJS

Messaging API

  1. Multi Factor Authentication

Video API

  1. Create Users & Rooms using SignalWire Video SDK

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