How to Enable International Outbound Dialing & SMS

Step by step guide for how to enable International Outbound Dialing & SMS on a SignalWire Space

SignalWire enables users to make calls and send SMS to over 230 international area codes. Please follow the steps outlined below to activate and begin International Outbound Dialing & SMS on your SignalWire space.

How to Request International Activation:

  • If International services are not enabled on your SignalWire space, please navigate HERE to submit a request for International Services to be enabled.

  • A new support case will be opened and our technicians will be in contact when approved and enabled.

Enable Geographic Permission:

  • Once enabled, users will need to add the geographic permission for each country they would like to be able to dial or message. Follow the steps below to complete:

  • From your SignalWire dashboard navigate to:

    • Settings > Geographic Permissions
  • Check the boxes of all country codes you'd like to allow dialing or messaging towards.

Users should be able to dial or send SMS to those specific country codes.


Please Note: Messaging can only be sent from US and Canadian (CA) long code numbers. International SMS is not enabled for toll-free numbers.

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