Fax with Retries

Example application that sends Faxes, and retries if it fails

Setting the application up

  1. Clone the application from the GitHub repo at https://github.com/signalwire/signalwire-guides/tree/master/code/fax_retries.
    git clone https://github.com/signalwire/signalwire-guides/tree/master/code/fax_retries

  2. Install the necessary npm packages with npm install

  3. Set up your .env file
    Create a new file named .env at the root of this application (next to index.js) with the following format:

DOMAIN=<the domain the app is deployed at>
FROM_NUMBER=<the number faxes come from. Must be from you SW account>
SIGNALWIRE_PROJECT=<Project ID from your SW account>
SIGNALWIRE_TOKEN=<Project token from your SW account>
SIGNALWIRE_SPACE=<Space name from your SW account>
  1. Start the application with node index.js
    With this, you should have the server running. Now you can interact with this server by sending HTTP requests to localhost:3000/send.

Sign Up Here

If you would like to test this example out, you can create a SignalWire account and space here.

Please feel free to reach out to us on our Community Slack or create a Support ticket if you need guidance!

What’s Next

Check out the full code on our SignalWire Github Repo!

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